Simple Things To Make Your Apartment Feel Like Home

Home is where you relax, unwind and feel most comfortable. Home is a space you can share with friends and family. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to make a rental apartment feel like a home at times. 

You might be living there temporarily before you move on to your next adventure, or you might not know what your long-term plan is. Regardless, if you live there for one year or ten, every space you live in should feel like home. Here are a few tips to help you feel more at home in your apartment, no matter how long you plan to stay.

Add Your Personal Touch To Your Space

Adding your personal touch to your apartment will help it feel like home. Put up your decorations, fill the closets and cupboards with your favorite things and plant your roots a little. When you have the things you love most around you, you’ll have a better sense of home, comfort and ease. 

If your space doesn’t match your personal style, or it feels a little too generic for your tastes, try making some rental-friendly changes. It’s important to speak with your property manager before making any changes, but there are lots of damage-free ways to make the space feel more like yours. Adding curtains, hanging wall decor, getting plants and adding rugs are all great options. 

Share It With Loved Ones

Your apartment will feel more like home when you share it with the ones you love. Try hosting a dinner party or game night to welcome guests over to your new space. Entertaining will fill the apartment with love and laughter, thus bringing a sense of home. Spruce up that extra bedroom to be a guest room for when you have visitors. 

If you’re feeling lonely in your apartment, consider adding a pet to the family. Their presence will help you feel less lonely, and who doesn’t feel at home with a four-legged friend curled up by their side? East Bay is a pet-friendly property, and we even have a pet park for your furry friend.

Get To Know Your Neighbors

When you live in a rental community, it’s filled with people just like you. Some will stay a year or two, while some will stay much longer. No matter how long you plan to stay, you can make your apartment feel like home by getting to know your neighbors. Try visiting the pool for a swim, getting your workout in at the fitness center or taking your pet to the pet park. Utilizing community amenities is a great way to meet your neighbors and maybe make a new friend!

At East Bay Apartment Homes, our team is committed to helping you feel at home! Schedule a tour for yourself and see why so many love calling East Bay home, contact us today at 251-626-0234 or

What Our Residents Have To Say

  • Having been a resident for the last 7 years, I have found the community quiet, and the management responsive to any issues that have cropped up along the way.”
    Stephen Miller
    East Bay Resident, Google Review
  • What an Awesome place to call Home!!! They have a Great Staff that is always ready to help in any way !! The Property is Well kept and A SAFE place for anyone !! They have police on property!! I would Recommend this place to anyone looking for a Wonderful Place to call Home !
    Pam Gonzalez
    East Bay Resident, Google Review
  • This is such a great apartment complex to live in. From the pool to walks on the pier, its really a pretty complex. Set among large old oak trees you have a beautifully landscaped drive home every night. One of my favorite features was my wood burning fireplace, laminate floors and private back deck. I would definitely recommend this place to any of my friends and family.
    Frank Fletcher
    East Bay Resident, Google Review
  • We have lived here a few months now....and it is a very quiet ..peaceful place. Our apartment has a few issues but nothing that can not be fixed. Our son loves the back balcony. The staff have been amazing any time we have contacted them.
    Sharon Layden
    East Bay Resident, Google Review
  • Cannot recommend this place enough. I came here from out of state not knowing the area and this apartment of all the places at East Bay was the one that caught my eye. It's homey and quiet and the staff are polite and very helpful. I was probably a bit of an uppity tenant but the maintenance team answered all my questions/concerns and responded to any issue quickly and got the job done. I love love love the pier and the pool and the grill pavilion. The neighbors are nice (I had lots of people checking in with me when my cat got out) and helpful. I'd move back in a heartbeat!
    Amanda Fitzgibbons
    East Bay Resident, Google Review
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