What Amenities are Included with my East Bay Apartment Home?

Living at East Bay Apartments Homes in Daphne is a one-of-a-kind experience. From our prime location to our wide variety of floor plans and our extensive list of amenities, you’ll feel at home in no time. 

Speaking of amenities did you know that when you live at East Bay Apartments Homes there are over twenty high-quality, professionally maintained amenities and services available to you? These amenities include…

The Olympic-sized Saltwater Pool: Gather with friends and neighbors to take a dip or relax in the sun on a hot Alabama day. Or have a picnic at one of our many covered poolside tables and picnic benches.

The Boardwalk to Mobile Bay: This private boardwalk is surrounded by lush greenery and is perfect for a jog, a sunset stroll or walk with your pup. The boardwalk takes you straight to Mobile Bay where the secluded pier is a great place to unwind and enjoy nature. 

Pet Park: Our professionally maintained pet park is available to all our furry-loving residents. Bring your pup to enjoy the fenced-in park and get a little exercise. Convenient pet waste disposal stations are also available throughout our pet-friendly community. 

Wifi Access on the Sun Deck: Stay connected on all your devices with high-speed wireless internet while you sunbathe or relax on the sun deck. 

Picnic Pavillion: Enjoy an outdoor meal at our newly constructed picnic pavilion complete with a state of the art grill and plenty of covered seating. 

Fitness Center + Sauna: Our on-site fitness center is complete with treadmills, stationary bikes, weights and weight machines so you can work up a sweat without ever having to leave the community. You can also unwind and relax in our sauna. 

Car Care Center: Have your car looking good as new in just moments with our on-site complimentary car care station. 

On-site Laundry: Wash and dry your items with our on-site laundry care center. 

Professional Serves: As part of the East Bay community you are privy to professional services such as 24-hour maintenance, online payments and beautifully landscaped grounds. 

Interior Amenities: As a resident, your apartment home comes with a host of interior amenities including modern fixtures and appliances, a patio or a balcony, outdoor storage rooms, ceiling fans and in select units, microwaves and wood burning fireplaces. 

Want to know more about living at East Bay Apartment Homes in Daphne, AL? Give us a call today at 251-626-0234. We can’t wait to meet you!

What Furniture Do I Need When Renting an Apartment

Renting a new apartment is fun and exciting, but if you’ve never lived in an apartment before, it can be kind of overwhelming to walk in the first day to that big empty space. What in the world are you going to fill it up with? Here’s a breakdown of the basic furniture you will need when renting an apartment. 

Bed(s) - Of course you’re going to need someplace to sleep. You will need one bed for every bedroom that has an occupant, and if you have an extra room and plan for guests it’s good to have a guest bed as well. 

Nightstand(s) + Dresser(s) - You can’t go without storage, so of course you’re going to need some nightstands and dressers for each occupied room as well. Nightstands are great for holding all your little items as well as a lamp to make your bedroom cozier. A dresser will give you extra room in the closet and a little extra storage space. 

Sofa - Your apartment is your sanctuary. It's where you come to relax and unwind after a long day. A nice comfy sofa is a must-have in any apartment. Sofas are great for lounging, hanging with friends or even an overnight guest if you don’t have a spare bedroom. 

Coffee Table - No living room is complete without a coffee table. It’s the perfect place to set up the snack spread for the big game, keep your remotes, controllers and other devices. It’s also a sweet spot for your cup of coffee or glass of wine. 

TV + Entertainment System - Most of us like to unwind on nights and weekends with a little TV. Your apartment won’t feel complete without some sort of entertainment system. Maybe you like to watch sports, play video games, or maybe you love a movie night. Whatever your guilty pleasure is a TV is essential for your new home. 

Table and Chairs - A table is truly essential in any home, and in an apartment, it can act as a multipurpose space. A table is a place to eat, do school work, do work, do projects and gather with friends and family. You don’t want to be standing over your kitchen counter with your dinner each night, so make sure you have a table and chairs. 

All these furnishings are starting to add up, how much is this going to cost? Where do you even start buying them? If you’re asking these questions, a furnished apartment may be right for you. At East Bay Apartment Homes we have fully furnished units with top of the line furnishings set and ready to go as soon as you move in. Give us a call today to see if a furnished apartment is right for you!

Should I Rent a Studio, One or Two Bedroom Apartment?

Renting an apartment comes with a lot of decisions! One of the first decisions you will need to make is to decide what size apartment you want. There are endless floor plans and styles of apartments ranging in size and style. Some of the most common rental sizes are studio, one and two bedrooms. You will have to decide which one is right for you and your needs. This decision will most likely be based on a combination of your needs and your budget.

Studio Apartments

Studio apartment floor plans are an open concept with a shared living and sleeping space. Studios are great for couples or those living alone who want more living space and a cozier feel. Living in a studio apartment means less space to clean, less furniture to buy and typically less rent each month. Studio apartments can be made to feel ultra cozy and you’ll get the most out of your space.

One Bedroom Apartments

One bedroom apartments are great for those who want a little more privacy and a separate sleeping space. Create a cozy bedroom while keeping your living room open for entertaining, studying, working or lounging. Having a separate bedroom allows you to create a designated space where you can rest at the end of a long day. Having guests over won’t be a problem in a one bedroom because your large living room will be open for an air mattress or pull out couch.

Two Bedroom Apartment

Two bedroom apartments are great for roommates, families or those who have frequent guests. For couples or those who live alone, a second bedroom can open up a host of possibilities. From a guest bedroom to a home office, playroom or craft room the options are endless when you give yourself that extra square footage. Having a two bedroom apartment also means a little more storage space for your belongings.


No matter what size apartment you end up in, at East Bay Apartments you’ll have access to a host of amenities like our olympic sized salt water pool, our state of the art gym, our pet park and more! Our community has beautiful grounds and our rentals have modern finishes and updated appliances. Stop by or give us a call today to check out our variety of studio, one and two bedroom floor plans. We’ve got the rental for you and we can’t wait to show you your next home!

How to Stay Active at East Bay

At East Bay Apartment Homes, we understand that you may not feel comfortable going to the gym due to COVID-19 concerns. For a great alternative, we recommend that you take advantage of our many wonderful apartment home amenities. Our apartment amenities, including a fitness center, swimming pool and boardwalk, are available exclusively for East Bay Apartment Homes residents.

Fitness Center

Our community’s fitness center will quickly replace your favorite gym! Our staff is dedicated to keeping the facility clean and enjoyable for everyone. Our quality weights, treadmills and more are guaranteed to fulfill your needs, no matter your athletic skill level. Stop by to work out, meet other residents and make new friends … or workout partners!

Olympic-sized Saltwater Pool

If you prefer swimming over lifting weights, we have a solution for that as well! Enjoy the outdoors by swimming a few laps in our Olympic-size saltwater pool. Afterward, you are more than welcome to dry off by lounging on one of the white chairs located on the perimeter of the pool. The pool is available during the morning and in the afternoon, so your exercise regimen remains entirely up to you!


Perhaps you just want to take a nice, long walk after a delicious dinner. Our quarter-mile boardwalk will be sure to not disappoint! Enjoy scenic views while also accumulating your daily steps. If you prefer a quick jog, you are more than welcome to take advantage of our beautifully landscaped grounds. Just in case you have a furry four-legged companion that needs a walk as well, we have a spacious pet park and pet waste situations throughout the apartment complex. No matter your plans, there are plenty of outdoor spaces available for you to breathe fresh air, exercise and enjoy life!

Whether you are planning to save money by canceling a gym membership, or you are just trying to embellish your exercise routine, our East Bay Apartment Homes amenities are sure to fulfill your needs. 

We currently have apartments available for lease if you are looking to move to Daphne, Alabama! You can visit our website for virtual tours and to take a look at everything East Bay Apartment Homes has to offer or give us a call at 251-626-0234! East Bay Apartment Homes – Home that Fit Your Lifestyle.

What to Look For in a Rental Apartment

When choosing a rental apartment there’s tons of floor plans to choose from, but what should you really be looking for? We’ve compiled a list of the top things you should consider when looking for an apartment to rent, to hopefully make your search a little bit easier.

Location – The location of your apartment is key. You want to make sure you’re close to work, close to friends and family and close to the amenities you are accustomed to. Another thing to consider is the environment. Do you like to be close to dining and shopping or a little closer to nature? Maybe a happy medium?

Price – Finding an apartment in your price range is super important. You don’t want to overpay and have no money leftover for the things you enjoy in life. Your budget might also determine the size of your apartment home. 

Amenities – Amenities are perks that are built into the cost of your rent and can be a huge bonus when renting an apartment. Things like fitness centers, pools and outdoor grilling areas are not only fun to enjoy to use, but can save you money!

Community – Living in an apartment community means you have potential new friends super close by. Things like resident events will help you meet your neighbors and get to know the community a little more while amenities like dog parks or community gardens are great for socializing. 

Layout – Apartment floor plans and layout are a big thing to take note of. Maybe entertaining is important to you, so you need a large living area and balcony. Maybe you want a walk-in closet or a spare bathroom. Ask to see all floor plan options so you can choose the one that best fits you. 

Pet Policy – If you have a furry friend or hope to get one in the future, it’s important to find a pet friendly apartment community. Read over the pet policy to make sure your four legged companion is welcome and able to enjoy your new home!

Quality – You might be able to find a dirt cheap place to live but are you really getting a quality home? Quality appliances, finishes and amenities will really help your rental apartment feel like a home. 

Our goal is to make you feel like family during your stay with us – however long that may be! If you need more information, call or email us today at 251-626-0234 or eastbay@tonsmeireproperties.com.

Top 5 Reasons to Live on the Bay in Daphne, AL

In Daphne, Alabama, living on or near Mobile Bay is one of the most desirable places to be.  Not only do you have fantastic views, but there is also tons to do. Here at East Bay Apartment Homes, we are proud to offer the beautiful bay front to residents. Here are five reasons to live on the bay in Daphne, Alabama:

Variety of Wildlife

Here on the Gulf Coast, we see a variety of wild life everyday, but being closer to the water allows us to see even more! Plus, did you know our bay holds more species of fish and amphibians than many other bodies of water in the US? This variety of wildlife really brings a special charm to the living on the bay and for anyone that enjoys exploring nature!

Always Something To Do

One of the biggest reasons anyone decides to live on the bay is because of how much there is to do! On the bay you can do anything from hosting an event to going fishing or just enjoying a walk on the boardwalk. Make a nice day out of the bay with family and friends, or enjoy a cup of coffee while watching the sunrise. Whatever the case may be, there is always something fun to do while living on the bay.

Sense of Community

Studies have found that you are more likely to build healthy relationships with your neighbors in a waterfront community. This is mainly due to the common bond, which is the love of the water. East Bay Apartment Homes is proud to have this sense of community, and we try our best to make it enjoyable to everyone. It is easier to get to know your neighbors and get along with them when you interact with them on a regular basis. Our strong sense of community is something we really pride ourselves on at East Bay!

Health Benefits of Living on the Water

Living near the water can actually make you healthier! Studies have found that living near water makes people happier, which makes them healthier physically and mentally. Researchers believe that even just seeing water allows neurochemicals to rush through your body. This increases blood flow to your brain and heart, making you calmer and less stressed. The sound of water flowing helps the body calm down in stressful situations. How nice is it to come home after a long and stressful day to take a stroll down by the Mobile Bay?

Living on the bay in Daphne, Alabama is very enjoyable! The community is amazing and it is wonderful to have all of these open opportunities to do things with family or friends. We invite you to come take a tour and experience all of these wonderful qualities of living on the bay!

East Bay Apartment Homes is proud to call Daphne home! Our goal is to make you feel like family during your stay with us – however long that may be! If you need more information, call or email us today at 251-626-0234 or eastbay@tonsmeireproperties.com.

Which Apartment Amenities Are Most Important in Baldwin County, AL?

When it is time to choose the right apartment complex for you, you should take into account all the amenities the community has to offer. East Bay Apartment Homes prides itself on offering the most to our residents to make them feel as comfortable as possible. From our salt water swimming pool to dog parks and top-rated maintenance crew, we have it all! Here are what we think the most important amenities are in Baldwin County:

Outdoor Spaces and Swimming Pools

Outdoor spaces and swimming pools are something every resident looks forward to using when moving into their new apartment! East Bay Apartment Homes features some very unique outdoor spaces, including our secluded pier that leads directly to Mobile Bay. The lovely community also features an Olympic size salt water swimming pool, a grill and picnic area, a newly constructed pavilion and even a community garden.

24-Hour Emergency Maintenance

Having our awesome maintenance crew available anytime to fix a problem that might occur in your apartment is something East Bay Apartment Homes prides itself on! At East Bay, we have 24-hour emergency maintenance available for residents. Call us as soon as the problem occurs and we will have them come out and take a look. We want to help you live as comfortably as possible, and that includes solving any issues in a timely manner!

On-Site Laundry

While East Bay Apartment Homes offers a washer and dryer connection in every apartment, we recognize that not everyone might have a washer or dryer to connect. Our on-site laundry center is open 24/7 for all residents! We strive to provide a safe community, so if you have to run back to your apartment while your clothes wash, you’ll feel comforted knowing that your things are safe. 

Fitness Centers 

Having 24/7 access to a brand new fitness center is another of East Bay’s many luxuries! Staying active is always important, our fitness center allows you to do so whenever you please. All of the equipment in our fitness center is new and cleaned regularly! Occupancy is limited at the moment due to COVID-19.

Furnished Units

We have furnished units available at East Bay Apartment Homes for short or long-term leases. Want to know the best part? They come in different sizes! Furnished units are great for many reasons, including if you are moving for a short-term job assignment. Renting a furnished unit will save you the cost and inconvenience of buying furniture and appliances. Contact us today to find out pricing and availability!

East Bay Apartment Homes is proud to offer these amenities to residents! Our goal is to make you feel like family during your stay with us – however long that may be! If you need more information, call or email us today at 251-626-0234 or eastbay@tonsmeireproperties.com.

5 Reasons Why No One Wants to Leave East Bay Apartments

Here at East Bay Apartment Homes, we do our best to offer the best services and experiences to our residents. We strive to create a unique community that residents will call home for years to come in Daphne, Alabama. Here are five reasons why no one wants to leave East Bay Apartment Homes.


East Bay Apartment Homes is professionally managed by Tonsmeire Properties, who has been a local, family-run business for over 40 years! We are experts in green living and will offer you everything and more than expected in your next home. Dana Nelson, a resident for over 8 years, said, “The management staff is always there to make sure we are happy and feel safe. Maintenance is there if I have any issues and they are quick to solve them.”

Lots of Space

East Bay Apartment Homes allows you to choose from studio, one or two-bedroom flats or two-bedroom townhomes with six different floor plans. We also have furnished and corporate housing available. Our full kitchens feature Energy Star Appliances, and every home comes with a washer and dryer connection, a private balcony or patio and an outdoor space for extra storage.  

Community Amenities 

Here at East Bay Apartment Homes, we offer complimentary wifi in the pool and sundeck area so you can work or study and relax at the same time. We also offer a complimentary car care center, recycling center, complimentary fax and copy service, on-site laundry center and fitness center! We’re also pet friendly and we have a dog park just for your furry friend; please read out Pet Policy for more details. Be sure to check out our full list of community amenities here

Outdoor Activities 

We offer a variety of outdoor activities for our residents here at East Bay Apartment Homes! Enjoy walks on the quarter-mile pier, go fishing from the private pier, work out in our newly constructed fitness center or take a dip in the salt water pool. The possibilities here are endless, as the weather is mostly always enjoyable and amenities are open year-round.


Lots of residents choose to live at East Bay because of its fabulous location. East Bay is close to Mobile Bay and, with its own boardwalk and pier, is a destination fishing spot, as well as a wonderful place to take a walk and enjoy nature more often. Many of our residents recommend East Bay just because of its great location! 

We currently have apartments available for lease if you are looking to move to Daphne, Alabama! Ask about our Preferred Employer Program and Resident Referral Rewards! You can visit our website for virtual tours and to take a look at everything East Bay Apartment Homes has to offer or give us a call at 251-626-0234! East Bay Apartment Homes – Home that Fit Your Lifestyle.